Afro Samurai Wiki

The World of Afro Samurai is set in a neo-feudal world where gunpowder guns and melee weapons such as swords are in common use and futuristic technology such as:

  • Computers and cybernetic technology (Monitors meant to track the progress of Rokutaro's cloning process, the Empty Seven's construction and Sio's rebuilding of Jinno/Kuma)
  • Weaponry (RPG launchers and flamethrowers, energy weapons)
  • Music and communication (turn-tables, cellular phones, and microphones)
  • Robotics (Machine Ninjas and the Afro Droid)
  • Biotechnology/cloning (The cloned version of Rokutaro)

The locations is based in Japan and the architecture seems to be Japanese-themed. Also countries or parts of the world are called by direction. For example, Soshun claims to be from The West and uses a repeating crossbow (a Chinese weapon).