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The Thug leader was the man who lead the gang of assassins in the first episode. He had a gold, possibly mettalic, left eye and had his hair in a pony tail. He is essentially the first villian that Afro fights in the series, or at last the first villian that Afro is seen fighting.


The Thug leader had 20 assasins in his command. When we see him, he is telling Afro that he should hand over the Number 2 headband or be killed. He also mentions that he and his gang were hired by "some pretty rich foke", possibly the Empty Seven. When Afro refuses, he orders his gang to draw there weapons and they begin to charge Afro, who easily kills all of them by means of dismemberment. While the Thug Leader is not seen directly fighting Afro, he ends up losing his left arm when the fight ends. After criticising Afro for his goal, and why he had to kill all of his men, he begins to laugh maniaclly as he falls to the ground, dying in the process. It was after this that Afro states his famous quote "Nothing personal, its just revenge."


The Thug leader had great leadership skills, and it should be noted that he was able to lead his gang quite professionaly. As for combat, he, along with the rest of his gang, was very subpar in fighting skills compared to Afro, and was easily dispatched.