Afro Samurai Wiki
Anime name Soshun
Debut Episode 1: Revenge (Anime)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime)
Race Human
Gender Male

Soshun appeared in the First episode of Afro Samurai, in a Teahouse that Afro stops by before heading to the pass at Low Down east. It was here he asked the bartender about Afro and the Headbands and after an explanation of the Legend of the Headbands and who can attack The Number One.


Afro Samurai[]

Soshun begins following Afro after he leaves the Teahouse and goes down the direction of the Low down east mountain pass and for awhile Afro ignores him or is unaware of him till he is pointed out by Ninja Ninja as following them for some time he stops and turns to face Soshun, Soshun reveals he is from the West or has went to The West and has come to this land on behalf of the great Weapon's masters of the West at which point he pulls out a giant Crossbow. Soshun initiates the battle by firing a rapid volley of arrows at Afro who deflects them all and run's forward so Soshun switches to using the built in Grenade Launcher fire several Grenades That Afro Avoids he jumps onto the rock face and goes higher and higher till one of the Grenades detonates near him but Afro is revealed to still be alive on top of the smoke cloud he flies towards Soshun who fires more arrows at Afro in Mid air who uses the air resistance to dodge and then get close enough to Soshun to Stab him through the head.

After his death it is revealed their battle was watched by Brother's 2 & 6 who report to Brother 1. Afro is revealed to be wounded by one of Soshun's Arrow's that grazed his side and that the arrows were Poison tipped leaving Afro vulnerable so Brother 6 seeing Afro wounded ambushes Afro with is RPG launcher and blows him off the path.