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Sio-older version
Anime name Sio
Alternate names Lady Sio
The Number One
Debut Afro Samurai: Resurrection (Anime)
Appears in Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5’7”
Address Dharma's Laboratory
Occupation Assassin
Allegiance Headband Code
Dharma, Jinno
Likes Jinno, her loved ones
Dislikes Afro
Family Jinno (Brother)

Sio ( シヲ, Shiwo) is a fictional character from anime Afro Samurai and the main antagonist in Afro Samurai: Resurrection. She is the younger sister of Jinno.


As a young girl, she was small and cute with black hair and light Hazel eyes dressed in a kimono. As an adult woman her hair has grown shoulder length and she now has a busty yet toned physique along with wearing dark blue eyeliner and pink lipstick. Including in her outfit she wears a lavender loose-fitting shirt with billowing tattered sleeves but the left sleeve is a darker shade of violet with a prominent white skull design, a dark violet mini-skirt, black thigh high boots and the number 1 headband that she took from Afro. Her weapon is a single elongated dagger with a purple handle. Sio has a height of 170 cm (5'7) and her body weight is (49 kg). She is showed to have a very attractive body, displaying cleavage, long legs and a large, round buttocks.


Sio is a cold, calculating and vengeful young woman. As a young girl, she was sweet, kind and friendly. However, due to the increasing violence in the world and her adoptive family nearly becoming victims of it, she harbors a hatred towards Afro for being the cause of it. As a result, she has grown cruel, sadistic and evil, willing to use and take out anyone she can to achieve her goal of revenge. However, despite her grudge, she has shown to still love Jinno and her family. This is shown by Sio apologized to Jinno for taking him down a dark path and her killing of Dharma for letting her family go fight Afro without her permission.



Sio liked Afro as a child, but due to the murder of her adopted family, she holds bitter resentment towards him. Sio subsequently blames Afro for the murder of her adopted family even though he was not directly linked to their death.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection[]

In Afro Samurai: Resurrection she convinces Kuma/Jinno to attack Afro. Once she and Kuma finished him they took the Number One Headband and the jaw of Rokutaro .

Sio then proceeded to prematurely resurrect Rokutaro, and then had him fight Afro. He then nearly killed Afro, much to the delight of Sio, though Afro survived and defeated the clone of his father in the end. Kuma/Jinno realized that what they had done was wrong made an attempt to kill Rokutaro, but was easily dispatched and subsequently mutilated by Rokutaro. Sio tried to save him but she was killed along with him, due to Kuma/Jinno having been used as a shield by Rokutaro.


While it is unknown where she learned martial arts(possibly through her adoptive clan), Sio seems fairly capable of defending herself. This is shown when she blocked an attack from an enraged Afro (with help from Jinno). She was also able to hold her own against Rokutaro's clone, forcing the latter to use an injured Jinno as a human shield to gain an advantage. Sio also seems to have some leadership skill over her family and ninja underlings. Sio seems to to be knowledgeable about a great variety of things, be it mystical or scientific. This is shown when she displayed understanding of the headbands as well as listing the various scientific disciplines it took to revive Afro's dead father.