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Rokutaro's Clone
Rokutaro's Clone 2
Anime name Afro's Father
Debut Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Appears in Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Race A Clone of Human
Gender Male
Address Dharman Co.
Occupation Samurai
Allegiance Dharman Co.
Sio's Plan
Likes Nothing
Dislikes Getting hurt
Family Rokutaro(Original)
Dharman (Creator)
Afro (Son of his Original)

Rokutaro's Clone is a fictional character from Afro Samurai. He appears in Afro Samurai: Resurrection.


Afro Samurai: Resurrrection[]

He is a monstrous clone created from Rokutaro's decomposed skull by Sio. Afro confronts the clone and first refuses to fight back, saying that he can't kill his own father. Eventually, Afro is strangled to death. This angers Kuma (Jinno) to the point where he attempts to kill Rokutaro's clone for killing Afro, but he along with his sister, also meet their end at the hands of the clone. The clone then takes the Number One Headband for itself before a jolt of electricity from Kuma's body brings Afro back to life. Now realizing that the clone is not his true father, Afro finally cuts down the evil monster, and takes back the Number One Headband.


  • Indominable will- He gets a sword through his arm, two slashes across his chest, and stabbed in the back. None of this affects him but instead just makes him angrier.
  • Fighting style - Unlike the original, he uses more hand to hand skills than sword skills.