Afro Samurai Wiki
Anime name Afro's Father
Debut Episode 1: Revenge (Anime)
Chapter 1 (Manga)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime)
Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Race Human
Gender Male
Address Grave (?)
Occupation Samurai
Family Afro (Son)
Sword Master (Friend)
Rokutaro's Clone (Clone)

Rokutaro, formerly the number one, is the father of Afro Samurai. Despite being the number one warrior, he is killed by Justice. His death sends Afro on his quest for vengeance. Like his son, he has an afro but wears it in a pony tail, at least in the anime, but in the manga he looks exactly like Afro.



Rokutaro was part of a clan of Swordsmen along with Justice and Sword Master. He and Justice were also best friends, but as they grew older, their differing views on both the world and the headbands eventually drove them apart. During the time Rokutaro was The Number One, he had a son and grew guilt ridden on all the death and despair he caused and simply wanted to hide the headbands and conceal the legend, but Justice killed him before he could do this. Although there are minor differences to Rokutaro and Afro he is seen to look exactly like Afro in the manga.

Rokutaro was challenged by the then Number 2 Justice, when Afro was a small boy. Rokutaro told Afro to wait a safe distance away and then went to meet Justice. After a brief exchange of words, Rokutaro rushes forward, avoiding and deflecting bullets fired at him by Justice. He gets in close and manages to avoid the bullets before knocking away one of Justice's guns. Then just as Rokutaro goes for the kill, Justice smiles and then beheads Rokutaro by an unknown manner at the time, which was later revealed to be a hidden third arm. Justice removes the Number One Headband from Rokutaro's head and then tosses the head over to Afro who breaks into tears. Rokutaro's final words weren't revealed due to Afro being overwhelmed with grief. Afro's dreams were that his father's last words were to avenge him or to have Afro live his own life instead of seeking vengence. Justice approaches and tells Afro of his Father's death haunting him for the rest of his life and how he will be consumed by his hatred of Justice. He then tells Afro to challenge him, when he was ready to duel a god, before walking off cackling.

Rokutaro's death and Justice's words shaped Afro's future and led him down the path of the Number Two, which is the opposite of what Rokutaro wished for Afro. Sword Master attempted to teach Afro this same lesson, but Afro was too consumed with the idea of avenging his father and eventually killed his master for the Number Two Headband and the chance of revenge.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection[]

In Afro Samurai: Resurrection, his skeleton is uncovered by a woman named Sio who intends to resurrect him, her intention being to use Rokutaro's clone to kill Afro. Afro's father is regenerated by Dharman from a jawbone. In the final stage of restoration, Sio interrupted it, leaving the mental recreation incomplete, making him a violent brute. Sio then uses him to kill Afro and as a result of her final revenge. This causes Jinno's personality to resurface, and he attacks the clone, but dies as a result. Sio herself dies trying to defend Jinno. In the end, Afro himself gets resurrected by a jolt of electricity from Jinno's damaged circuits carried by Sio's blood. Afro accepts that the clone is not his real father and kills him, retaking The Number One headband.


"Whatever your reason, one must shoulder the burden the instant he wears the number 1 headband, you should know that by now, became the #1, you can never escape the cycle of blood... The number One kills or is killed, you don't have the luxury to choose whose blood you spill. TAKE BACK YOUR HEADBAND, Fear not... My son. (To Afro, Afro Samurai II: Resurrection)

"Wait here, son, It'll soon be over." (To Afro before his eventual death at the hands of Justice)


Rokutaro is a highly skilled swordsman, wielding the same sword as Afro, and is fast and skilled enough to deflect and dodge bullets at both close and mid-range, much like Afro.