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Number 2 headband

Afro wearing the Number 2 Headband

The Number Two Headband is one of the two famous Legendary Headbands and is required to challenge the person who owns the Number One Headband. Whilst the person who owns the Number One is untouchable, the Number Two is not, and has to live with the knowledge that they can trust no one and love no one and will be hunted by those who seek their Headband. Some have tried in vain to hide the Headband in hopes that by doing so they might end the endless cycle of Death brought on by the desire to posses the Number One or Two Headbands. However, one advantage is that only the Number Two can challenge the number one.

Interesting to note Justice claims to have killed only one man to claim the Number one headband in the Afro Samurai video game, indicating he may not have had to kill the previous owner. But since this is a Faux Justice, it is unknown how reliable or canon this info is. Given the nature of the headband rules, Justice would have to have at least killed more than 1 person prior to becoming the 2 and ultimately the number 1.

Known Owners[]

  • Justice who owned it before killing Afro's Father and then casting it aside in favor of the Number One.
  • An Unnamed gang of thugs who stole it from a young Afro.
  • Sword Master who came into its possession sometime during Afro's time as a student at his Dojo and was Killed by Afro so he could possess it.
  • Afro Samurai owns the Headband for the whole of Season 1 and then gives it away or throws it away at some point after he defeats Justice & has to kill Shichigoro in Afro Samurai: Resurrection in order to gain ownership of it and fight Sio.
  • Shichigoro came into the possession of the Headband after his friend died and so he took it and adopted his friends son but is Killed by Afro so he may own the Headband once again though he was killed rather reluctantly.
  • Kotaro is Shichigoro's Adopted son who begins following Afro seeking revenge, after Shichigoro's death when Afro encounters him on his way to Mt. Shumi he gives the boy the Headband telling him he may challenge Afro whenever he was ready, a scene reminiscent of Justice and Afro. This could also mean, that Afro has accepted the status of the Number 1 Warrior.
  • Kuma owned the Number Two along with every other Headband as shown at the end of Afro Samurai Season One, returning to battle Afro years after Afro's Fight with Justice.