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Alternate names Kuma

Teddy Bear

Debut Episode 3: The Empty Seven Clan (Anime)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime)
Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Height 6’1
Occupation Samurai
Likes His master, his sister
Dislikes Afro Samurai (later)
Family Sio (Sister)
Sword Master (Master)

Jinnosuke (甚之助, Jin'nosuke) or just Jinno, he is a major character in the Afro Samurai world. He is later known as Kuma (クマ, Kuma).He was notably choreographed by Monty Oum,creator of the webseries RWBY in the game


As a student, Jinno wore a white Kimono with a standing ponytail in his hair. Upon his transformation into Kuma, his appearance makes a complete overhaul. His body is draped in a black kimono with wooden sandals as his blades are shifted into the left side of the kimono's strap. His head is covered by the Teddy Mask. Upon its removal, his head's appearance is similar to the Afro Droid's. Instead of a Afro extender piece, his head is completely bald as robotic outlines adorn the sides of his skull.



He was one of the children who found Young Afro when he was ambushed by thugs and hurt to a near-death point. Jinno called his master to investigate the boy, only to learn that he was alive. Soon after, Afro was enrolled in the orphanage/dojo. Jinno, Otsuru, and the other dojo orphans bonded and soon befriended Afro. As Jinno and Afro's skills grew, so did their bond. One day, when Afro was ambushed by assassins seeking to take revenge for other assassins killed by Afro, Jinno intervenes and saves Afro from the enemies. Their lives then proceeded like normal until rumors that assassins attacked someone wearing the Number Two Headband surfaced. A few days later, Afro confronted Master about the rumors, learning he possessed the Number Two Headband. Eventually, the Battle at the Bodhi Tree occurred. Afro and Master attempted to fend off the mass number of assassins, meeting with major casualties. The dojo students also intervened, only to be easily slaughtered by the skilled assassins. Only Afro, Master, Jinno, and Otsuru survived. As Jinno lies across the ground, he witnesses Afro kill the Master, and a fierce hatred began burning within his soul. Jinno jumps off of a cliff in an attempted suicide despite Young Afro's pleas.

Gino from afro samurai by sakute89

Jinno as he appeared with his sister's teddy bear head as a mask

Transformation into Kuma[]

Jinno was eventually found by Brother Six of the Empty Seven. At first, Brother Six was against the idea of saving Jinno's life due to the grief he has bared. However, Brother One convinces Dharman, a top scientist working with the Seven, to mold Jinno into a samurai of immense power, using the boy's grief as a channel. Jinno's scarred flesh was replaced with robotic appendages, and a Life Support System also added. At first, Jinno was saddened by his development, but Jinno eventually donned a mask made in the fashion of the head of Otsuru's teddy bear as well as acquiring two swords to use in his unique style.

Jinno/Kuma first appears at the end of Episode 3 of Season 1, guarding the path to the Number one's throne room. In episode 4, he talks to Afro, and claims to not have seen him for a long time. He then engages Afro in combat with dual swords. At first, Afro refuses to draw his sword, and Kuma futher goads him into drawing his blade by insulting Afro. He attacks the legendary swordsman, who skillfully dodges all his attacks. Afro experiences a flashback of his youth, which reveals Kuma as Afro's childhood friend and fellow student, Jinno, who has become grief-stricken from the deaths of all his fellow students and beloved Sword Master at the hands of Afro. Jinno swore revenge on Afro, promising to make his death slow and painful. Kuma's helmet falls off, revealing his cybernetic eye and another one which never stops crying. Afro is unfazed at seeing the decrepit state of his childhood friend and Kuma angrily rushes forward and attacks at the end of the episode.

In episode 5, it is revealed that Ninja Ninja stepped in front of Kuma/Jinno's attack, saving Afro. Ninja Ninja, dying from his fatal blow, attempts to light one last cigarette. He encourages Afro, who remembers to use two hands to strengthen his attack strength, and disappears in a cloud of green energy. Before disappearing, he claims that hanging out with Afro has been "the bomb". 

Jinno hears Afro's comment on blade strength and claims that it will not work on Afro as he is far superior and continues to battle the Number Two samurai. A flashback scene reveals how Jinno survived and was remade into a cyborg by Dharman under orders of the Empty Seven. He was then instructed to wait at the base to the Number One's Throne Room in anticipation for Afro's arrival. 

Kuma continues to battle Afro, but it is apparent that his life support system is damaged. Enraged, he blames Afro for the deaths of all his friends and calls out their names. Afro reflects on all their deaths and call out their names, especially Otsuru's, which he called twice.

Dharman warns Kuma that his life support has been struck and that he does not have much time. He urges Kuma to slay Afro before it is too late. Kuma/Jinno begrudgingly gives Afro an ultimatum; Either one of them must die, stating that there's no going back before makes one last running slash at Afro while he does the same. Afro hits first and Jinno is finally defeated.

Jinno Afro Samurai by isilthefairy

Jinno after his transformation by Number 7


Jinno is eventually found by and rebuilt by Dharman at the cost of his use of speech. Jinno, who now travels with Lady Sio, ambushes Afro at his mountain home at the beginning of Season Two. He brings the Number One Headband to Lady Sio, who steals the headband, causing all of the events in the movie to transpire. Near the end of the second movie, he eventually, through sheer willpower, regains his use of speech soon after Rokutaro's clone kills Afro. As he thinks back more on his life, he eventually regains his respect and familial love for Afro. He valiantly challenges the clone only to be brutally dispatched. As he and Sio (who also challenges the clone) lay on their deathbeds, they reconcile and eventually pass on. A spark of electricity from Jinno's core finds it's way into Afro's body, resuscitating him and causing Afro to revive and defeat the Clone.


In the Afro Samurai video game Kuma/Jinno repeatedly asks Afro who he is during combat quote (Who am I?) and regains his memory at the end of the fight.


Jinno wields two swords in battle, unlike Afro who uses only one. Otsuru was the first to comment on this unique style back in the Dojo Days. Jinno says that he prefers the Two Sword style since it allows him to both attack and defend at the same time as well as offering an extra weapon in case an arm is cut off. This style is more defensive than Afro's offensive style, but it provides agility and is best used against multiple combatants.

Kuma is also skilled in the use of a single sword and knows how to ride a motorcycle.

He is also quite agile and able to jump great distances and send Afro sprawling and bleeding with a single punch. He also has a very high tolerance for pain. In the Series, he is seen getting slashed and hit repeatedly, dismembered, having his life support system damaged, and is even seen bisected horizontally, yet in all of these moments, he still able to fight with no significant slow- down in his advance.