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Anime name Dharman
Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime)
Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist
Likes Evil

Dharman is a mad cyborg scientist who closely resemble's a Dharma Doll and has multiple robotic limbs with various tools built onto them to allow him to perform simple and complicated tasks and moves around by hovering. Dharman is mainly responsible for the technological pursuits utilized by the Empty Seven Clan. However, he seems to an ally to the group as opposed to a full-fledged member.


Dharman is a typical mad scientist seeking to prove his genius through his creations. While he is unstable, he is brilliant as he created the Empty Seven's cyborg ninja army, the Afro Droid and even saved Jinno by converting him into a cyborg. He is arrogant as he believes his creations to be superior to others like Afro or the Empty Seven Clan group. However, he can be cautious when it comes to science such as when he warned Jinno to wrap up his duel with Afro because his life support system was damaged. This side of him was shown again when he warned Sio not to interrupt Rokutaro's regeneration process.


He is first seen in the employ of the Empty Seven clan to build their Machine-Ninja army and was also responsible for healing and rebuilding Jinnosuke as Kuma and the construction of the Afro Droid and watches Jinno's battle with Afro from an unspecified location. He consider's Kuma to be his masterpiece calling him his teddy bear rather fondly.

After the first Season of Afro Samurai he is seen working for Sio in Afro Samurai: Resurrection where he is aroused by Sio's beauty and sadistic nature and teasing's and is mostly used by her to complete her Plan of creating a clone of Afro's Father using Bio-technology she plans to use this clone to kill Afro believing Afro wouldn't be able to kill his own father. Dharman rebuilds Kuma as stated by Sio who says he has done it so many times he is more machine than Human now and is also responsible for turning Sio's henchmen Bin, Michael, and Tomoe into cybernetic warriors and at one point orders them to kill Afro.When he is upset at Sio for disturbing the Cloning process she uses her sadistic nature to arouse and pacify Dharman and to get him to continue he complies and by the end of the film makes a complete clone but it is missing some crucial programming according to Dharman before Sio kills him for ordering her Henchmen to kill Afro he is left to bleed to death while she makes use of Afro's Fathers Clone.


Dharman is an expert in Cybernetic Technology having used it upon himself or having had it used on himself by someone else at some point in his past to become a Cyborg. He also has an advanced knowledge of Robotics as shown with his creation the Afro Droid. He has knowledge in Bio-Technology but claims it is an untested field of science but was able to clone Afro's Father Rokutaro using only a jawbone for DNA.

His body is equipped with many cybernetic arms allowing him to perform complex surgery and cybernetic enhancements as well as build Robots and use computer terminals and has a method of flotation still unknown but used to move wherever he needs to go most likely anti-gravity technology.