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Brother 6
Anime name Brother 6
Manga name Brother 6
Shinojiryu Rokutaro (Rokuta)
Alternate names Brother Six
Debut Episode 1: Revenge (Anime)
Chapter 1 (Manga)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Manga)
Afro Samurai (Anime)
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Assassin Monk
Family Empty Seven (Brothers)

Brother 6 (六の字, Rokunoji) was a large monk who wore regular monk's garb along with a large metal hat with the number 6 on it. In manga, he was also named Shinojiryu Rokutaro or just Rokuta, and he had nickname: Boujutsu.

He is the youngest member of the Empty 7 and the only one who didn't resemble the others. Like the rest, Brother 6 had a tattoo of his number, 6, on the left side of his head. Brother 6 wielded a long Buddhist staff made of metal and was prone to using excessive force: in his first encounter with Afro he pulled an RPG launcher from his backpack and fired it, even though using it might have destroyed the Sacred Number 2 Headband. His missile failed to kill Afro, who managed to slice the missile in half and barely avoided being killed by the blast, falling from a cliff. Brother 6 also had a Flamethrower in his backpack which he used to burn down Okiku/Otsuru's House.

He used his RPG launcher again after Afro defeated the Afro Droid for the first time on the bridge. When his attack failed, Brother 6 fought Afro one-on-one but was bested. When Afro jumped and used the roof to right himself and deliver a Fatal blow from his shoulder through his heart and down to his waist, he held Afro's blade so that Brothers 4 & 5 could finish Afro off.

Brother 6 is also the one who saved Otsuru and Jinnosuke from the brink of death, but believed it might have been better to let Jinno die.