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Brother 2
Anime name Brother 2
Debut Episode 1: Revenge (Anime)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Anime)
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Assassin Monk
Family Empty Seven (Brothers)

Brother 2 is the fictional character from anime and manga of Afro Samurai.


Afro Samurai

was the Empty Seven's eyes on the battlefield, keeping track of Afro's progress towards Mt. Shumi. He spied on Afro using a high tech pair of binoculars, though he was not very stealthy in his first appearance as he was spotted by Ninja Ninja while spying in a tree and reporting to Brother 1 via cell phone. Brother 2 accompanied by Brother 6 bare witness to Afro's battle against Soshun. He angrily yells out to Brother 6 for engaging Afro and possibly destroying the Sacred Number 2 Headband. When Okiku turns against the clan and tells Afro what she has been doing Brother 2 angrily impales her on an extended Buddhist staff or Kunai for her betrayal while one of the Cyber Ninja retrieves the Chip with Afro's fighting Style on it.

Brother 2 continued to spy on Afro when he Reached Mt. Shumi and watched his first battle with the Afro Droid along with the rest of his Brothers. When spying on Afro further up on the Mountain and planning to ambush him, Brother 2 himself is ambushed by Afro who gouged out his eyes and forced the binoculars into his sockets, likely killing him in an act of vengeance for Okiku's Death.