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Afro samurai.jpg
Afuro Samurai
Anime name Afro
Manga name Afro
Alternate names Afro Samurai
Afuro Zamurai
The Number Two
The Number One
Debut Episode 1: Revenge (Anime)
Chapter 1 (Manga)
Appears in Afro Samurai (Manga)
Afro Samurai (Anime)
Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Afro Samurai (video game)
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Nov. 1, 1976
Height "5’11"
Address He wanders
Occupation Samurai/Ronin
Allegiance Headband Code
Swordsman School
Likes Otsuru
Dislikes Justice

Empty 7 Clan

Family Rokutaro (father)
Sword Master (mentor)
Otsuru (lover)
Ninja Ninja (imaginary friend)
Jinno (adopted brother)
Sio (adopted sister)

Afro (アフロ, Afuro), or better known as Afro Samurai (アフロサムライ, Afuro Samurai) is the main protagonist of the Afro Samurai series.

Afro is an incredibly talented swordsman whose father was decapitated in front of his own eyes as a child. That traumatic experience caused an innocent little boy to have a mind flustered with revenge and, with that, Afro grew into a cold-blooded killer, willing to kill anyone in his pursuit of the number one.

As the number two, Afro has killed many in defense and revenge for the ultimate goal of avenging his father.


As an adult, he is tall and has a huge picky afro. His figure is powerfully built with dark skin and brown eyes. Afro has a height of 180 cm (5'11) and weighs in at 70 kg (155 lb) he is basically taller than some of the short or average characters in the series.

Afro's attire consists of the number two headband, a white Japanese Kimono, blue flared pants with heavily frayed hems by the ankles, a pair of Japanese geta (a type of Japanese clog or wooden sandal) and his sword, passed to him when his father Rokutaro died.


Afro is a fairly quiet, stern, and serious person, though, on occasion, seems aloof. He rarely ever smiles or laughs, despite being depicted smiling and laughing throughout his childhood and teenage years. In numerous flashbacks during his childhood, Afro is seen smiling and laughing with his friends. However, as a result of the death of his father by Justice's hand, and the death of most of his friends and master, Afro became a silent and cold blooded killer. He has no qualms about killing anyone and everyone in his path, stating that his only aim is to "move forward." Afro often gets annoyed by Ninja Ninja who, unlike him, is talkative and humorous. This causes Afro to frequently tell him to "shut up" or "leave." Afro will even threaten Ninja Ninja if he annoys him enough. Despite Afro's personality which has labeled him a monster by the public, he is seen to have some form of kindness within him. This can be shown by his hesitance in fighting his old friend Jinno and keeping the comb that Otsuru gave him. He also deeply loves his father, who he refused to fight until the very end of Afro Samurai: Resurrection. Afro understands what it means to wear one of the headbands of power and lives his life for the sole purpose of finding his father's killer. His only companion and friend left alive is Ninja Ninja.

In the manga, he's much more ruthless, even using a crippled young woman (who's younger brother he just killed) as a human shield. He also kills O-Sachi and a crowd of people that try to get revenge for her, before burning down her church. 


Younger Years[]

When Afro was young his father, Rokutaro, was challenged by the Number 2, Justice. In the battle that followed Afro's father was beheaded before his eyes, his still living head thrown in front of him as Justice removed the Number One Headband. He then told Afro he was sorry that he had to see his father's death and that Afro would be filled with hatred for him. He told Afro to challenge him when he was ready to duel a God before walking away cackling.

Afro took his Father's head and the Number 2 headband from Mt. Shumi and lived on the edge before he was ambushed by bandits who easily overpowered him and took the Number 2 headband for themselves, leaving him to die. He was rescued by Sword Master and Jinno, who then raised him in the Sword Master's dojo for orphaned children where he was to be trained as a swordsman. During Afro's time at the dojo he killed numerous lowlifes in an attempt to learn the location of the stolen Number 2 Headband before learning his Sword Master was the Number 2. He questioned his Master on the matter and met him beneath a bodhi tree for a duel, but the duel was disrupted by the arrival of the students and a huge mob of thugs and crooks seeking the Number 2 headband.

In the ensuing battle, Sword Master sought to show Afro the terrible price of being the Number 2, but in the end he is killed by Afro, who has flashbacks to the scene of his fathers death, which angers him enough to do the deed. Afro, Jinno, and Otsuru are the only students at the dojo who survive, just after the battle Ninja Ninja appears and attempts to comfort Afro and acts as his road dog/herald/companion following him until he reaches Kuma years later.

Afro Samurai[]

Afro begins his journey to take vengeance on Justice and makes his way to Mt. Shumi by way of Low Down East whilst having to deal with those seeking the Number 2 headband including large numbers of thugs, The Empty Seven and their assassins, hired or otherwise built, such as the Afro Droid and Machine Ninja, as well as his childhood friend Jinno, who had been turned into the Cyborg Kuma.

Afro at last meets Justice at the end of season 1 where he engages him in a duel. He slices off both of his arms, and narrowly avoids a hidden third arm before removing it and a piece of his chin, mostly decapitating Justice. After a moment, Justice begins talking again and stands up, then rights his head and attempts to impale Afro through the head with a spike manifested from the floor. Afro fakes dying to lure Justice close and surprises him when he attempts to take the No. 2 Headband. He swings down the Spike and slashes Justice down to the waist knocking off his poncho. He then viciously slices him hundreds of times till all that is left is a pile of chopped chunks of Justice and his hat which flies forward. Afro claims his Headband, becoming the new Number 1. As we see in the end of the episode Justice smiles not being dead

Afro Samurai: Resurrection[]

In Afro Samurai: Resurrection, Afro attempts to leave his bloody life of cruelty and brutality behind him, but he is tracked down by Kuma and his sister Sio who took the Number one Headband from Afro and stole the lower half of Rokutaro's Skeleton's Jawbone after rooting up his casket. Afro begins seeking around for the Number Two Headband to kill Sio for disturbing his Father's grave and stealing the Number one Headband. After Afro gets a lead, he heads to a city where the Number two lives. He meets the man he is supposed to kill, Shichigoro. Afro fights and kills him now having earned the right, he heads to fight Sio. Along the way he battles and destroys her three henchmen Bin, Michael and Tomoe. Soon after, Afro finds Sio and Kuma waiting with a secret weapon: Afro's own Father (or at least his Clone). Afro soon finds the newly revived Rokutaro is an ungodly, barbaric force and kicks Afro in the abdomen crushing his ribs; partnered with the unwillingness to fight his own Father the clone quickly crushes Afro's throat and is killed by his false father. After Jinno and Rokutaro's clone fight and Jinno's life support makes contact with the blood spilled by Afro, restarting his Heart. Afro gets up and raises his sword and hears his Father telling him to kill his Clone. Afro complies and tells the Clone that although he may look like his Father his real Father died a long time ago he then rushes forward and kills his Father's monstrous clone.

Afterwards Afro starts heading to Mt. Shumi but on his way back he meets Kotaro again who draws his sword then Afro hands him The Number Two Headband in a scene reminiscent of the scene with him and Justice telling him whenever he was ready and carries on, Afterwards Ninja Ninja tells him he supports his decision before the film ends and it cuts to Takimoto & Justice.

Ending (Manga)[]

After racing and defeating almost an endless barrage of Afro Droids he had reached the top and stabbed what he had thought to be Justice only to find out that he was dead a long time ago as he dissipates into dust, Afro is shocked and Ninja Ninja then states that he had become god. Kotaro then arrives after Ninja Ninja leaves Afro alone, he then bows down prepared to meet his death when his body instinctively dodged Kotaro's Attack and slicing his head off to which he screams in anger and pain.

Outside waits Ninja Ninja and Takimoto asking him what his plans are as god to which he replies

"I will keep moving forward..."


Master Swordsman:Afro is a Highly skilled swordsman able to deflect crossbow bolts and shatter bullets as well as perform lethal sword attacks. Afro can use his subconscious mind to create completely new combat techniques in the middle of battle as taught by his Sword Master. He was also able to effectively fight during an aerial battle with the Afro Droid.

Enhanced Durability:Afro can also survived a dangerous events he also took a few punches from his father(clone) in the Resurrection before coming back to life and defeating him at the end.

Enhanced Strength:He is fairly strong able to cleanly slice through thugs and warriors quickly and effortlessly or pierce a person's throat with his sword sheath. He is also able to jump quite high and his speed and agility are his only skills that match his strength. He show enough strength to send a guy twice his size flying into a wall with a single punch he strong enough to cut hills in two .

Hand-to-Hand Combat:Afro normally fights with his sword in one hand but when facing stronger opponents or higher numbers he will use two hands for a stronger attack.

Enhanced Speed/Agility:Afro's speed and agility are such that he can quickly slice a RPG Missile in two and shatter a bullet into molten shards. Afro is also fast enough to easily avoid the sword attacks of Jinno/Kuma and the Afro Droid and can dodge Justice's bullets, too counter and deflect a volley of crossbow bolts and is agile enough to perform a jumping front flip over the Afro Droid in their first Fight.


Afro's only weapon is his sword, previously wielded by his father, Rokutaro. It's a long bladed sword with a square gray guard, and a red colored hilt and sheath. It also has a string with a small cowrie shell at the end of it on the bottom of the sword.